In honor of our 20th anniversary, CTP is shining a light on 20 groups who remind us there’s no greater force on earth than the power of the human spirit.

Thank you, Learn to Cope,
for showing them that WE are in this together.

Addiction is a tragic reality for families all around us. And often times, it’s met with little to no support. Learn to Cope aims to solve that problem, providing support, education, resources and hope in communities across Massachusetts. Their support network has become a nationally recognized model for peer support and prevention programming. And their impact has become a source of inspiration and ignition for us at CTP.

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Thank you, Catie's Closet,
for lending them a hand. And a coat.

It pains us to think of the children that don’t want to go to school because they’re ashamed of their lack of basic necessities, like clothes. Catie’s Closet is a discreet in-school service that provides these necessities to children of all ages. They open their doors to those kids living below the poverty line, offering them things like outfits and shampoo – so that they can focus on things like math and english.

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Thank you, Mass Council on Compulsive Gambling,
for understanding the stakes.

It’s tough to see a loved one struggle. And when gambling becomes a problem, it’s not always easy to know what to do next. That’s where Mass Council on Compulsive Gambling has stepped in to help so many. They’ve provided everything from education to resources in order to help those struggling – with no judgement and no strings attached. And for refusing to give up when the chips are down, we appreciate them.

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Thank you, UTEC,
for showing them another way.

We believe that unconditional love and support is the greatest gift you can give. And at UTEC, that's exactly what they give to young people who are at risk. They accept. They encourage. They drive. They've built an organization that steers local youth down a new path, away from gang violence, and towards a more fulfilling life. Their fight for clean slates and pursued ambitions is one that inspires us daily.

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Thank you, Massachusetts Animal Coalition,
for looking after our best friends.

At CTP, we're animal people – dog people, cat people, bunny people – the list goes on. Our furry friends are a big part of our lives. So we have a lot in common with the people at Massachusetts Animal Coalition. It's been an honor to help them fight for local animals with everything from license plate programs to a spay/neuter task force. And treats, of course.

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Thank you, Camp Sunshine,
for creating s'more sweet memories.

Swapping stories around a campfire is a cherished childhood memory. At Camp Sunshine, children with life-threatening illnesses and their families are allowed to take the time to make those sweet memories – for free. Their retreat has helped provide families with much needed comfort and happiness through challenging times. And their campfire stories will remain in our hearts forever.

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Thank you, Be Bold, Be Bald,
for proving bald is beautiful.

When Jeff Freedman lost his business partner to cancer in 2007, he knew he had to find a way to channel his grief, and honor his friend's memory. So he created a bold and creative annual event to honor Mike's courage and create change. Now, thousands of people wear personalized bald caps, or shave their head, on the third Friday in October every year. And man is it beautiful.

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Thank you, Read to a Child,
for giving us more happily ever afters.

Read to a Child fuels imaginations through their goal to help children become successful readers. And since we use our imaginations daily here, we've got a lot of love for their program. So much love, in fact, that many of us spend a lunch hour every week participating in it. Because happily ever afters beat turkey sandwiches any day.

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Thank you, MENTOR,
for giving kids the love they need to thrive.

We've all been inspired by a great mentor. So it's especially important for us to pay it forward and provide that support to younger generations. And for 25 years, MENTOR has been doing exactly that – on a much larger scale. They've developed resources for mentoring programs, provided cutting edge tools and research, and cultivated thousands of relationships. For that, we look up to them.

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Thank you, ALS ONE,
for working to fund a cure and care for ALS by 2020.

In the face of a tragic, fatal diagnosis, Kevin Gosnell made a brave decision: To spend his remaining days working toward finding a cure for ALS – even though he knew it would never benefit him. Kevin used his skills as a small business owner to bring the best doctors, researchers and care practitioners together for the first time. As one. And create a fundraising organization to fuel their efforts called ALS ONE. Kevin is gone, but his mission lives on.

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Thank you, uAspire,
for making a degree possible for many who thought it wasn't.

It's difficult to describe the feeling you get upon receiving your college diploma – especially if you thought that a degree wasn't an option for you. uAspire's integral financial and educational support has eliminated barriers to higher education for students all over the country. We're incredibly proud to know the people that have supported so many "I DID IT! moments.

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Thank you, St. Francis House,
for lending a hand. And much more.

At St. Francis House, home is a feeling. So while they provide things like food, shelter, clothing, and employment help to those that come to them, they also provide a sense of inclusion and understanding. Their warm and welcoming environment, and their commitment to renewal, warms our hearts each time we walk through their doors.

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Thank you, Red Sox Scholars,
for inspiring the next incredible line-up.

Trying to pick what we love the most about the Red Sox Foundation, the official charity of the team, is like trying to choose a favorite Red Sox Player. The educational cornerstone of the Red Sox Foundation is the Red Sox Scholars Program Presented by BIDMC. Some of us admire the mentoring the Foundation provides. Others, the scholarships they offer to 262 Boston school kids. Many simply have a lot of heart for the various enrichment activities they create. Maybe it's ok to have more than one reason, just like it's ok to have more than one favorite player.

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